Cognitive Task Paradigms Being Developed by CNTRACS


The CNTRACS Consortium is conducting a series of studies designed to optimize tasks from each of the four constructs of interest. The first study compared different versions of the tasks that manipulated a variety of parameters to optimize the effect sizes of group differences, the effect sizes of relationships to functional outcomes, while maintaining construct validity and the ability to interpret differential deficits where possible. This study is now complete, and we have begun a second study assessing both short and long-term test-retest reliability of the optimized versions of these tasks. This study is still ongoing, and there may be further changes to the tasks based on the results of the test-retest reliability study. However, other investigators may obtain copies of the tasks (written in Eprime) currently being used in the reliability study by clicking on the links below.

Task Descriptions

Task Downloads

To download one or more of the task files, you will need to fill out a form. Please click the following link to begin: