CNTRACS Expansion to Imaging Biomarkers


One of the critical goals of the second phase of the CNTRICs projects is to extend the translation of cognitive neuroscience paradigms for use as imaging biomarkers that will help facilitate drug development and testing. Thus, we have expanded the goals of the original CNTRACs consortium (though a competitive supplement from the NIMH), to optimize imaging paradigms that provide valid measures of the neural activity supporting three of our constructs of interest (visual integration, goal maintenance, and relational encoding/retrieval) in a multi-center design. Although we see gain control as highly important, we believe that more basic science work using functional neuroimaging and tasks that measure this construct are needed before it is ready for translation. Our specific aims are to:

  1. Assess the test-retest reliability of functional activation during performance of these tasks.
  2. Develop the most efficient paradigms possible that meet both construct validly and psychometric goals.
  3. Identify the best analyses imaging analyses techniques to optimize both construct validity and psychometric goals.

These studies are currently underway, and the results and the paradigms will be available in manuscripts and through this website in the upcoming year.