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Task Software Selection

Updated Tasks (2021)

The following tasks have been updated to dynamically adjust image position based on screen resolution and are available for E-Prime versions 2 and 3 (exception: the AX-CPT is only available for E-Prime 3).

AX-CPT: AX Continuous Performance Task (description)
E-Prime 3 only
DPX: Dot Probe Expectancy Task (description)
E-Prime 2   E-Prime 3
JOVI: Jitter Orientation Visual Integration Task (description)
E-Prime 2   E-Prime 3
RISE: Relational and Item Specific Encoding Task (description)
E-Prime 2   E-Prime 3
Tasks Created in 2016 (E-Prime version 2)
Change Tasks (description)
EPILT (Pessiglione) Task (description)
IPILT (Pizzagalli) Task (description)
Reversal Task (description)
Running Span Task (description)
Original Tasks from 2010 (E-Prime version 1))
AX-CPT Task (description)
CCE: Contrast-Contrast Effect Task (description)

The original 2010 versions of DPX, JOVI, and RISE may be found here.